Air Traffic Control
Air Traffic Control is a game of concentration, skill and good fortune all rolled into one. Take command of 20 Aircraft as they approach a busy airport and guide them to a touchdown. Have you got what it takes? Can you get onto the ultimate high score tables?
More great software
More software to enjoy. If you fancy your hand at a slot machine or sending a rocket into orbit download them here. Remember to give me your views and suggestions for updates or new software.
Don't kill me
Tomb Raider. Played all the games - defeated all the enemies - solved all the puzzles. All that is left is for me is to dedicate some time and space to this modern day heroine. Lara Croft.
John Evelyn Primary School
John Evelyn Primary School Dedication site. As a former pupil of this great school I felt its memory should live on. With the help of former pupils and teachers I want to make this page a shrine to an educational institution which stood for so long.